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Hotel Rheingold Bellevue (Johannes-Wasmuth-Gesellschaft e.V) 

Rolands Eck, Remagen, 2014

Curator: Susanne Klein (Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn)


My works in the exhibition dealt with various, allegedly disparate themes, ranging from society’s
relation to the controversial composer Richard Wagner to the issue of a deserted place as reflected in the abandoned hotel, and from the mythical Rhineland to my own personal history and biography. Yet, as manifested in all of my works, they all revolve around the transience of nature, architecture, humanity, gestures and symbols, or in other words: of history, while at the same time they demonstrate my interlinked approach to the phenomenon of memory.


Ohne hund könnte ich nicht leben_2014_ video_3:40 min

Sholem_2014_video_1:34 min
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