Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

May–October 2015

Curator: Ravital Ben Asher Peretz

“…The headlights of the life-size wooden auto(biographical)mobile, Subaru Leone Station-Wagon, project the portraits of the artist and his father, sketching the figures of the Israeli artist and the Israeli carpenter. Mordechay’s private mausoleum began when his father lost a finger from his right hand to the Kreissage circular saw in the carpentry. A hand missing a finger has become an iconographic status symbol and a trademark of carpenters. In the darkness of that day, the “superhero” became an “anti-hero,” and the carpentry shop transformed from a playground to a junkyard and a site of horror. Mordechay embarks on a journey to retrieve the lost finger. From the root of a stump, he spawns and sprouts an (accusing) Plasticine finger of demonic dimensions.” (Part of exhibition text)



Preview interview by Yuval Saar (HE): 

An article in (EN): Art Daily


Leone Helena_2015_ video_9:15 min

© 2015 by Roy Mordechay.