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(two person show with the artist Gil Shachar)


Circle 1 Gallery_Berlin_2014


Curator: Doreet Levitte Harten



Off With Their Heads, 2013


A group of paper heads is sprawled over the wall. Aquarelle portraits, drawn on paper, each one is staring in a different direction. Their features are
imaginative as well as stem from familiar faces I come across walking around my rough and diverse south Tel Aviv neighborhood - faces of blue collar
hard working fellows (This area is known in Israel as a center for asylum and the majority of job seekers and have numerous clashes between old and
new residents). Trapped in endless Sisyphean Rat Race as in their daily life, the heads are all in a state of motion, but such that takes them nowhere
and leaves them in the exact same location they are in from the start. Yet, in spite of their fragility, even helplessness, there is a sense of power to
those heads being that basically they are gentle aquarelle portraits which found the strength to be bold and keep moving.



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